2023 CDF Proctor Institute Events

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Dismantling Racism Inside and Outside the Church

The Church has played a significant role in establishing racism as an acceptable practice both in the US and globally. This has been true historically with mainline churches providing biblical justification for slavery, colonialism, imperialism and apartheid. Today, many churches remain silent in the face of structural racism apparent in state sanctioned violence, the cradle to prison pipeline and so-called ?charity?. This session, led by the Rev. Tami Forte Logan and the Rev. Canon Naomi Tutu, examines the ways in which faith communities in Asheville, NC have shifted from harmful charitable practices by confronting internal racism, and developed challenging but impactful reflective practices. Join us and engage in active listening, small group dialogue, storytelling, confession and repentance that is leading congregations toward transformative, healing and equitable practices IN and OUT of the church.