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Alumni Convening

The CDF Alumni Network is an intentional community to advance our organizational strategy through dedicated programming and cross-functional activity. This group is the former staff, program participants, and volunteers of Children’s Defense Fund dedicated to deepening relationships to support efforts to advance our shared mission and values of child well-being.

CDF Alumni Network has three tenets:


Celebrating relationships and lived experience during your time at CDF and beyond


Intentional networking and strategic partnerships


Aligning efforts in emerging programming and policy work

Frequently asked questions:

Any former staff member who has been employed by CDF at any time, regardless of tenure, with good standing

Any former program participant (including but not limited to CDF Freedom Schools, CDF Beat the Odds Scholarship Program, YALT, Black Student Leadership Network, Black Community Crusade for Children, and more) who established a relationship with CDF through a program and remains in good standing

Any former volunteer who supported CDF programs and/or policy work and remains in good standing

This is a network for intentional fellowship, connection, and collaboration. Our intentions around when, why and how we come together are centered around the shared CDF mission and vision for child well-being.

Our commitment to the integration of power-building through leadership development and community organizing is to enhance CDF’s program strategy by integrating targeted organizing efforts like CDF alumni.  We understand that to equip the next generation of child advocates, we must collaborate with some of the best leaders this organization has known.

There are several ways to be involved as an alum:

  • Serve on an advisory council with our state offices, national office and/or the alumni network
  • Serve as mentor for current young participants
  • Financially support the CDF mission and vision
  • Consistently advocate and champion CDF programs in your community

There are ways to be involved even when you are busy.

CDF Alumni Convening

The Alumni Network Convening has been postponed until 2023. Stay tuned for more information about the alumni network and future events and gatherings!