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Dr. Mary Love

Dale P. Andrews Freedom Seminary Faculty

Dr. Mary Love is adjunct professor of Christian Education at Hood Seminary. Dr. Love enjoys exploring subjects creatively with a focus on enabling learning to occur and be used in ministry settings. Hood Seminary honored her as one of two recipients of the first Teaching Excellence and Service Award (2015). She was selected as one of 160+ Christian Educators included in the “Christian Educators of the 20th Century” project hosted by Talbot School of Theology and funded by the Lilly Endowment.

As a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Dr. Love also develops Sunday School curriculum for all ages. The world of ecumenism is familiar to Dr. Love as she currently serves as Administrative Secretary for the Pan-Methodist Commission, which coordinates the Consultation of Methodist Bishops. Within the National Council of Churches, she serves as co-convener of the Christian Education, Educational Faith Formation and Leadership Development Convening Table and a member of the Committee on the Uniform Series.

Dr. Love’s publications include Learning Through Symbolism and CelebrationAn Annotated Bibliography of Afrocentric ResourcesFLEX: Focus on Learning for Effective Educational Ministry for Christ, and Stones of Promise: Celebrating the African American Family (Leader’s Guide).