Enroll Your Child in CDF Freedom Schools®

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Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is a critical issue for all children, but children in poverty are at particular risk of losing knowledge and skills gained during the previous academic year. Each summer, more than 10,000 children will avoid summer learning loss with the CDF Freedom Schools culturally competent literacy and social action curriculum.

Enrollment Process

Explore our current program locations through our interactive map.

Contact the CDF Freedom Schools program of your choice directly to ask for the Child Enrollment Form, and enroll your child!

Get a Head Start

Sponsors receive the Child Enrollment Form from CDF in December, and many programs open their enrollment in March.

Programs fill up fast – don’t wait until summer to enroll your child!

Please note: CDF does not enroll children in our program sites. Parents or Guardians must contact a specific program location directly to enroll children.

Program FAQs

CDF Freedom Schools programs are offered at no cost to K-12 scholars and their families.
As a direct response to the ongoing pandemic, CDF Freedom Schools will be offered in-person, virtually, or as hybrid programs depending on your area. For more information please use our program locator to find and contact your local CDF Freedom Schools site.
Please use our program locator to find and contact your local CDF Freedom Schools site to learn more about technology and access for summer programming.
Scholars must have completed Kindergarten in order to enroll.
All scholars enrolled in in-person programs will receive breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack during the program day. If enrolled in a virtual or hybrid program, please check with the local CDF Freedom Schools program to learn more about the process for receiving meals and information on meal sites.
Please review our sample daily schedule. Program offerings may vary based on program operating method (i.e. in-person, virtual, or hybrid). For more information please contact your local CDF Freedom Schools site.
CDF Freedom Schools is open to all children! Lessons are designed for a range of grade levels, and reading levels. We believe that all children can excel in our program as Scholars.

Parent Testimonials

“This was our first year and it has been amazing. I love the books selected, the pride that is instilled in children, and how the instructors can draw the kids in to participate.”

California-Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“At first my son was not excited to attend Freedom School online but now seems to enjoy it. This year experience has allowed us to have many conversations. I understand our children may not always understand the value in what they do but my prayer is that [CDF] Freedom Schools will continue to instill something in them that will allow them to see a great light at the end of the tunnel and realize how blessed they are to have others who believe in them and take time to impart knowledge. Thank you for all you do for children and families!”

California-Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“Initially I was reluctant, and did not think my child would participate because she gets bored easily and can be very stubborn.  [CDF] Freedom Schools provided my child with an experience like no other. She was so engaged and excited for class each day. Her teacher was amazing, she kept my distracted student engaged, and eager to participate and talk about what she learned each day. Before I heard about Freedom School my student was watching YouTube and TikTok all-day. Since starting Freedom School she has cut back her internet usage and is engaging with others more. I am so so grateful my child had the opportunity to participate in this great program.”

Ohio Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“The CDF Freedom Schools program was a very positive experience for my granddaughter. Each day she wakes up excited about going to school. After school she can’t wait to tell us about her day.”

Florida Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“My son was shy, quiet and a little nervous around new people. After going to Freedom Schools, my son talks like a bird (non-stop), he sings, dances all the time and reads EVERY thing. He’s at the table every morning at 9:30 for reading and math assignments. I really appreciate the reading and math assignments and my Freedom School family. Together we can guide our children to become productive, intelligent citizens. They are our future.”

North Carolina Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“I wish they could go there year-round. My children really got the chance to learn a lot, and they were happier when they came home from Freedom School. We would talk more about what they learned and enjoyed doing.”

North Carolina Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent

“My child has grown in confidence in such a short period of time. This program is exactly what our children needed with everything going on in the world.” 

Florida Based CDF Freedom Schools Parent