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  500+ Organizations Urge Congress to Protect Immigrant Families amid COVID-19

The federal response to the COVID-19 crisis, including the Families First and the CARES Acts, left many low- and moderate-income immigrants out of the public health and stimulus policies. This exclusion threatens the well being of immigrants, their families - which include millions of U.S. citizen children - and our communities as a whole. This omission will greatly undermine the nation’s ability to overcome this unprecedented crisis.


  Children Advocates Call for the Inclusion of Immigrant Families in COVID-19 Response

While the CARES Act was a strong start, we are deeply concerned that children in mixed-immigration status families (those with both citizen and noncitizen members) have been excluded from critical relief. These children comprise one in four of all children in the United States, and the vast majority are U.S. citizens. It is simply unacceptable to leave them out of the COVID-19 response. Doing so will not only put more children at risk of falling into poverty but also greatly undermine our nation’s ability to overcome this crisis.


  Nearly 400 Organizations Call for a Boost in Funding for Needed Services in the Labor-HHS-Education Bill

We believe that the long-term impact of COVID-19 and the outcomes of future pandemics will be catastrophic if we do not provide robust investments through annual appropriations. Therefore, we urge Congress to commit to improving the lives of Americans by significantly boosting the allocation for the Labor-HHS-Education bill for FY 2021 to support needed services for the American public.


  100+ Organizations Urge Congress to Protect Low-Income Families amid COVID-19

This pandemic calls for the enactment of policies and sufficient funding to protect low- and moderate-income people from economic disaster and to meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable people in our nation. We cannot predict all of the impacts that the coronavirus and the recession will have on the people in our nation for years to come. Given what we know now, we share the broad economic security priorities for future COVID-19 response legislation and actions.


  CDF Calls for State Fiscal Relief and Increased Federal Medicaid Matching to Address COVID-19

We strongly urge Congress to move legislation forward that includes least at $150 billion in direct aid to states for fiscal relief and to enact an additional, emergency increase of 12 percent to Federal Medicaid matching funds in order to provide essential support to states as they deploy their resources to address critical health needs during COVID-19.


  CDF Letter to Congress on COVID-19 Relief Legislation

As you work quickly with your Congressional colleagues to pass new legislation to address the devastating public health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, the Children’s Defense Fund urges you to include in the next package a number of critical provisions to protect our nation’s children and families.


  600+ Organizations Call for Immigrant Families to be Included in COVID-19 Relief Package

CDF was one of over 600 organizations calling for the House to address two major provisions of the proposed COVID-19 relief bill that would exclude millions of immigrant families, including U.S. citizen children. We cannot protect the nation from the Coronavirus and its economic impact if we deny health care and financial relief to a large segment of our communities.


  CDF Calls for CHGME Program Funding to Improve Children’s Access to Care

The Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) program is a vital investment in strengthening the pediatric workforce and access to care for children, but sustaining pediatric training programs requires bolstering our national commitment. Because of this, we joined other leading children's health organizations in calling for $465 million in FY2021 funding for the program.


  Leading Children’s Health Groups Call for Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Funding

The Title V MCH Block Grant is a cost-effective, accountable, and flexible funding source used to address the most critical, pressing, and unique needs of maternal and child health populations. CDF joined 80 organizations to urge Congress to properly fund these services in the FY2021 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education & Related Agencies Appropriations bill.