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Too many students could not access modified education or lived in districts where no instruction was offered after schools closed for the last several months of the 2019-2020 school year

ParentsTogether Action. 2020. “ParentsTogether Survey Reveals Remote Learning is Failing Our Most Vulnerable Students.” New York, NY: ParentsTogether Action.

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Too many students, especially students of color, face exclusionary discipline policies that threaten to derail their education or over-policed schools that put their very safety at risk

Jimenez, Laura and Antoinette Flores. 2019. “3 Ways DeVos Has Put Students At Risk by Deregulating Education.” Washington, DC: Center for American Progress.

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unconscionable choice of either separating from their children or staying in indefinite detention during a global pandemic

Amnesty International USA. 2020. “Family Separation 2.0: ‘You Aren’t Going to Separate Me from My Only Child.’” New York, NY: Amnesty International USA.

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