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Why are we doing this?

Gifts to the Eileen W. Lindner Fellows Scholarship Fund provide support for future leaders in the children’s movement. Gifts send three fellows each year, over the next ten years, to the annual Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute where participants learn how to connect their faith based work with child advocacy. The scholarships will be granted to a pastor, a person serving in an ecumenical organization, and a person in the first five years of their professional life.

Who is Eileen Lindner?

Reverend Eileen Linder has served as the Proctor Theologian-in-Residence for the past 24 years. During her time with the National Council of Churches (NCC) USA she served as Deputy General Secretary for Research and Planning, and was the Director of the Child Advocacy Office where she worked closely with the White House on child welfare policy during the Carter administration. Additionally, she served as editor of the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches. In 2006, Rev. Lindner was named the first Dean of the Riggio Lynch Interfaith Chapel at the Children’s Defense Fund’s Alex Haley Farm. Since 2008, she has been Senior Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Tenafly. Her books Thus Far on the Way, Toward a Theology of Child Advocacy and When Churches Mind Children report on the intersection of faith and child advocacy.

How does our goal apply to her legacy?

This fellowship honors Rev. Lindner’s work as a pastor, ecumenical leader, and her lifelong dedication to mentoring young people. The Lindner Fellows Scholarship grants $500 of financial support to three recipients to attend the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute. These awards help to defray the cost of registration, housing, and transportation to the Proctor Institute. This scholarship connects Rev. Lindner’s lifetime of work in the faith community with her passion for child advocacy and ensures that the next generation of child advocates is equipped with the tools and resources they need to continue her work.

How do I make a gift?

Make a gift by completing the donation form below or mailing a donation to the Children’s Defense Fund, 25 E ST NW, Washington DC 20001. Include a notation on the memo line or a separate note indicating the gift is for the “Lindner Fellows Fund.”

To meet the goal of funding 3 scholarships per year over the next ten years, we will need to raise $15,000. Anything raised above that will allow us to expand the Lindner Fellows program to additional scholarship recipients.


Help support future leaders in the children’s movement. Your gift allows Lindner Fellows to connect their faith based work with child advocacy, and honors Rev. Lindner’s work as a pastor, ecumenical leader, and mentor.