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Your vote matters at every level.

Elected officials at every level of government make decisions that impact the health, safety, and well-being of children and families. Our vote in state and local elections is our chance to tell those in power and those seeking power what is most important to us.

What elections are happening in your city and state on November 2, 2021? Find out what your ballot will look like and then make a plan to ensure your voice is heard.

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Now you know who is on your ballot, but so what?
What authority do these positions have and why are they important?

Positions in the state executive branch: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and others

  • State elections include Governor as well as other leaders in the state executive branch like Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditors, and Commissioners.
  • The Governor chooses who runs state departments responsible for things like the health, housing, education, child welfare, and criminal justice decisions of your state.
  • The Governor also has the power to sign executive orders and approve or veto legislation that impacts families across your state, for example, setting the minimum age at which children can be arrested or deciding who should be able to enroll in Medicaid to access health care.
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Positions in the state legislative branch: State Senators and Representatives

  • State elections also include State Senators and State Representatives.
  • The State Senators and State Representatives are meant to act as a voice for children and families in their community when making decisions on how to use state taxpayer money and when introducing or voting on legislation that impacts families across the state.
  • These decisions can include Medicaid and SNAP eligibility and benefits, funding for schools, curriculum and standardized test requirements, and services for foster youth across your state.
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Local lawmakers: Mayoral, City Council, School Board, and Others

  • Local elections include positions like Mayor, City Council, Sheriff, District Attorneys, and School Board officials.
  • These officials make decisions that impact everyone living in your city or county including local parks and youth programs, access to affordable housing, access to clean water, and public transit. These officials also make decisions about out of school programming as well as school funding and policies like curriculum, school policing, and school resources.
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