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Partner with the Children’s Defense Fund

Companies partner with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) to help ensure every child in America has what they need to thrive.

Audrey Faye Hendricks

Cause Marketing & Brand Partnerships

By partnering with CDF on integrated consumer-facing campaigns, your company can find new customers and build loyalty.

Cause Marketing

Corporate Partnerships

Your company can find ways to leverage your business objectives while supporting our efforts to reduce child poverty and inequality.

Corporate Partners
Audrey Faye Hendricks
Audrey Faye Hendricks

Diversity Partnerships

Join a diverse group of organizations partnering with us to leverage our collective strengths and resources. Together, we can reduce child poverty and inequality by creating inclusive environments that empower communities, advocates, children, youth, and families.

Diversity Organizations

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The fight for children happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Make a monthly gift today to ensure the needs of children remain front and center. With your support, we will continue fighting nonstop to make sure our children’s voices are heard in the halls of power.