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Today, more than ever, many businesses make the decision to express their values through aligning with nonprofits or charities that share their same vision. The Children’s Defense Fund is blessed and grateful that a number of businesses, both big and small, have made the choice to stand up for America’s children by committing to support the work of CDF.

To learn about opportunities for your company to stand up for children with CDF, please contact our CDF donor hotline at (202) 662-3654 or .

Meet just a few of the businesses like yours that have made this choice and consider whether you might join them.

“Fallon is honored to have partnered with the Children’s Defense Fund for over 30 years. Faced with the reality that people were ignoring the issues, CDF needed attention-getting communications and reached out to Fallon in 1986. While initially declining, preferring to donate our services to help local charities, Pat Fallon met Marian Wright Edelman and was struck by her total dedication to children and inspired by her passion and steadfast determination to make a difference. These are qualities that Pat Fallon and his agency cherished in clients. It was the reason Pat Fallon ultimately chose to partner with CDF. Fallon continues to be inspired by CDF and is always looking for new ways to bring attention to their cause. Fallon has created more than 100 print ads and 25 television commercials for CDF.”

“NONA is an extremely proud sponsor of Children’s Defense Fund. As a brand built by mothers, it was very important to us that our support went directly to improving the lives of at-risk youth in our country. We love that the mission of CDF is to advocate for those who do not have a voice, and that through this, change is effected from the individual level, all the way up to the policy-makers.”
NONA: A Fashionable Baby Bag Company

“We chose CDF over other nonprofits because their mission aligned with what Sinup is all about… Our users love to see organizations that help those in need who are less privileged. CDF does exactly that with helping kids dealing with poverty, abuse, and neglect. We look forward to continuing to help CDF in their mission!”

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“At the holidays, we think it is more meaningful to make a philanthropic contribution vs. sending candy or treats to our clients, and we think most clients agree with this. We chose CDF because it is a cause everyone can get behind, it is national in reach, and it has a reputation for stewarding its resources wisely.”