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Summer 2021 with CDF Freedom Schools®
It’s a movement, a family, and a celebration

The CDF Freedom Schools® program means so much to the children, families, and servant leaders in communities across the country. It’s a high-quality academic enrichment opportunity that introduces children—many of whom are Black, Latinx, and Indigenous and are from families with low incomes—to culturally diverse books that reflect their own images.

It’s a safe space for self-exploration, achievement, and dreaming big.

And this year, it’s a space for space! An opportunity for children (we call them our CDF Freedom Schools “scholars”) to discover a freedom to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) possibilities they didn’t even know existed.

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CDF Freedom Schools Scholars
Crystal and Ronald

At the core of this model is the belief that reading is the key to unlocking a child’s unlimited potential. We center CDF Freedom Schools on compelling books that help children develop a lifelong love of reading—and we even send these books home to build libraries of empowerment for each scholar.

These books are the best of the best, because that’s what our children deserve. They relate authentic history, culture, and heritage through the eyes of children. They introduce children to people who are making a difference in the lives of others. And they expand children’s capacity to believe that they can make their dreams a reality.

Support learning and empowerment!

Support Learning and Empowerment

Funding books for CDF Freedom Schools scholars means funding “I can do it” moments, “I understand it” moments, and lots of “I love it” moments. It means showing our most marginalized and vulnerable children that their learning and empowerment matter. Make a gift today.

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Through the CDF Freedom Schools program in 2020:

of CDF Freedom Schools Scholars avoided summer learning loss.
of parents saw increased confidence in their children.
of parents were interested in engaging in social action with their children.


Harambee is our high-energy daily ritual that gives children and staff at our CDF Freedom Schools the chance to come together and celebrate themselves and each other. You can bring the spirit of Harambee home by practicing these steps with your family:

  1. Read aloud! Grab a good book and choose one member of the family to read it out loud. Be sure to thank and celebrate the reader when they finish!
  2. Cheers and chants! Sing a high-energy song or create a chant about why reading is important and learning is fun!
  3. Recognize! Take a moment to express appreciation for ways your family has helped each other recently.
  4. Moment of silence. Close out this time with your family by taking a moment to quietly reflect on the power of being together with your loved ones.
Freedom Schools Scholars

Become the hero of this story: fund a library of empowerment today.

This summer more than ever, children in marginalized communities need to know that their learning and empowerment matter. Through the CDF Freedom Schools program, children across the country find a lifelong love of learning in the pages of world-class books that show them they can make a difference in themselves and the world. Please make a gift today to help children discover the spark that ignites their passion and empowers them to be learners and doers.

Support the movement!

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“My son’s life-altering experience,” a letter written to CDF supporters by Reyna Hinson, a proud CDF Freedom Schools parent, summer 2021