2023 CDF Proctor Institute Events

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Rendered Infamous: Losing Our Religion to Life Sentences

In this workshop we will explore the impact on society of caging people for their entire lives. In Tennessee over half of the people with 51-year life sentences (a hidden death penalty) were 25 or younger when they caught their charge, and over 70% of them are black. What does it say about a culture when it cages people who do not pose a danger, simply out of a desire for retribution and revenge? Lawmakers who claim to follow Jesus of Nazareth and claim to be ?pro-life? otherwise have no problem with caging black and poor youth until the day they die. We believe that this must end, and it must end now! Participants will be asked to help create a statewide education plan for use in churches, colleges, and town hall meetings, to build a true grassroots movement to end life sentences in Tennessee.