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Liberating Sunday School: Freedom Church School Curriculum

The Story of God?s amazing grace, transforming love, bold call to justice and faithful
engagement in the world is witnessed throughout scripture. Too often it is drowned out by
passionless Sunday school curriculum and disengaged teaching rather than fostering a faith that changes who we are at the core of our being, how we think and the ways in which we act in our personal and public lives. Let?s explore a paradigm of possibility that is made real by engaging the foundations of the Children?s Defense Fund?s Freedom School pedagogy, resources, and spirit in Sunday School and beyond. Freedom Church Schools curriculum is a year away from launch but you can explore this week. Join us as we create opportunities for teaching God?s justice, forming a dynamic and sustaining faith and fostering commitment to the common good as we boldly live our faith in families, communities, the nation and the world.