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Dr. Brandon McCormack

University of Louisville
Brandon McCormack

Dr. Michael Brandon McCormack received his Ph.D. in Religion from Vanderbilt University, where he was a Fellow in the Theology and Practice Program. His dissertation explored the relationship between prophetic Christianity, political activism and popular culture in the era of hip-hop. He has published articles and engaged in public discourse concerning religious responses (and contributions) to the “moral panic” surrounding contemporary Black youth culture. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies and the Department of Comparative Humanities (Program in Religious Studies) at the University of Louisville, where he teaches courses in African American Religion, Religions of the African Diaspora and Religion and Popular Culture. Prior to joining the faculty at University of Louisville, Dr. McCormack taught at American Baptist College in Nashville and the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where he continues to engage with their program in Black Church Studies. He lives in Louisville with his wife, Shashray, and children, Legend, Legacy and Langston.