2023 CDF Proctor Institute Leadership

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Rev. Damien Durr

Executive Pastor

Friendship-West Baptist Church

Damien Durr works with the Children’s Defense Fund Nashville Organizing Team, which focuses on dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline™ by combating zero tolerance school -discipline policies and practices. Durr also mentors 70 to 80 -predominantly Black young men in the Metro Nashville Public School system. He is developing a -curriculum that will focus on literacy, Hip Hop culture, political awareness, critical thinking, spirituality, conflict resolution and imagination expansion. He is a co-founder of Connect Media, and co-producer of -documentaries addressing the role of the church and the intellectual in the Black community. Durr received a Bachelor of Arts degree from American Baptist College and a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University. He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.