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Jeannie Alexander

Rev. Jeannie Alexander is the Executive Director of No Exceptions Prison Collective, an abolitionist collaboration with and on behalf of prisoners and their families, individuals committed to ending mass incarceration, and other likeminded organizations. No Exceptions works through a combination of litigation, legislation, education, media and grassroots movement building. Primary focus areas include repeal of Tennessee?s 51-year life sentences, internal prison conditions, and the abolition of private prisons. She served as the chaplain at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution for five years. As chaplain, she facilitated the creation of an unprecedented number of programs for prisoners based upon models of liberation theology and transformative justice. She is interviewed, lectures, and preaches frequently on the topics of carceral enslavement, alternatives to prison, the morality of abolition, transformative justice, and the connections between land justice and abolition. She holds a JD from Cornell Law and an MA in Religious Studies.