Practicing Resurrection: Communal Transformation from the Inside Out

>Practicing Resurrection: Communal Transformation from the Inside Out
Practicing Resurrection: Communal Transformation from the Inside Out2022-06-02T11:22:26-05:00

Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) has created an invaluable opportunity for congregations and faith leaders who are partners in our work of pursuing justice for children and ending child poverty. Practicing Resurrection: Communal Transformation from the Inside Out is a three-year journey that we will lead participants to examine the well-being of children in their congregations and communities. Through Practicing Resurrection, faith communities will be equipped with the tools and vision they need to ensure their activities embody the future they want for the children in their communities.

Leaders from twelve (12) congregations will be selected to participate. The goal is to shift thinking from short-term charity to more meaningful actions that address systemic societal issues that impact children. In this process, leaders will take concrete steps to align their values and examine how they partner within their congregations and with the community in order to improve child and family well-being and advance justice.

The congregational learning process includes:

Taking a step back. 

Immersive work will take place, allowing for deep introspection, and fostering a supportive community and accountability. 

Looking inward 

Looking inward goes beyond oneself. It also entails looking inward within one’s church, denomination, and community. 

Looking outward 

With a focus on personal transformation, participants grow into stronger, more reflective leaders who can guide others to mirror what they seek to create in the community. 

Aligning action with needs 

We will explore the kinds of programs and actions that will best serve congregations’ needs and build on a foundation that aligns with their faith traditions. 

Peer learning and accountability 

We will build bridges for participants to learn from those who have done what they hope to do or who have progressed where our participants are struggling. 

Putting plans into action 

Our work will shift from introspection and idea-generating into a phase focused on motivation, problem solving, and accountability. Each Congregation will be responsibility for a ministry project, that either starts a new ministry or improves an existing one. 

Future Partnership  

It is our hope that through this program each participant will be equipped to be recruited as a congregational coach for the next generation of faith leaders and communities who undergo this process so that we may foster a cycle of change and transformation. 

Program benefits and activities

Application Requirements

Applicants must identify at least three (3) congregation members who will take part in all program activities for the duration of the program. This group of participants must include the senior pastor. We recommend an educator or youth leader, and a member with experience related to advocacy or children’s issues to serve as the remaining two participants. At least one participant must be a lay member and the senior pastor must have at least 1 year of experience leading the applying church.  

Finalists will be selected June 30 and are required to attend the CDF Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry, taking place July 18–21, 2022, at CDF Haley Farm in Knoxville, TN. Finalists will be expected to travel to the farm July 17, in order to arrive on time for the July 18 program start. All expenses will be reimbursed.  

The final 12 congregations will be chosen by the end of summer 2022. 

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