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Protect Children, Not Guns 2019 analyzes the latest data on children and teens killed and injured with guns and reveals a terrible truth: America’s gun violence epidemic is killing more children, more often. 3,410 children and teens were killed with guns in 2017—the greatest number since 1998. Another 18,201 children and teens were injured by gunfire. And countless more children suffered the loss of a family member of friend to gun violence; hid in the bathtub for cover from a drive-by shooting; worried about walking to and from school; or didn’t play outside for fear of being struck by a random bullet.

Protect Children Not Guns

We can—and must—do better. Use the statistics, stories and steps outlined in this report to ensure all children can live, learn and grow up safely—free from violence and fear. It is time to protect children, not guns.

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