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Take Action2021-07-30T12:03:19-05:00

Take Action to Ensure Justice for All Children and Youth!

Join us in our Cradle to Prison Pipeline® campaign to stand up, speak out, and organize with urgency and persistence until the President, members of Congress, governors and state legislators stop criminalizing children and start to ensure justice for all youth!

  • Raise Awareness: CDF works with Youth First as a national partner in solidarity with state-based efforts to close youth prisons. Join us!
  • Demand Action: CDF works with the Act4JJ coalition and other youth justice advocates and partners like Spark Action on federal reform efforts to strengthen protections and options for children who come in contact with the juvenile justice system. Contact and meet with policymakers until they take real action to stop criminalizing children and ensure justice for youth. Also consider attending local public meetings—such as city council, school board, PTA or town hall meetings—to call attention to the issue of youth justice. #JJDPAmatters
  • Focus on a Specific Issue: CDF is a supporter of the Stop Solitary for Kids campaign. This is one of the issues that you may want to focus on first for your hometown, city or state.
  • Serve: CDF Freedom Schools® programs have been applied to the juvenile justice setting. Consider whether you may want to help bring CDF Freedom Schools to work with justice-involved youth in your area. To learn more, see CDF Freedom Schools.