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Take Action to Ensure High-Quality, Equitable, and Safe Schools for All Children!

Join us in standing up, speaking out, and organizing with urgency and persistence until the President, members of Congress, governors and state legislators prioritize high-quality education and healthy, safe, and supportive schools for all children.

  • Raise Awareness: CDF has worked with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, on school discipline reform, equity, and justice concerns in recent years. This partnership has also focused on health, including the “Happy, Healthy and Ready to Learn: Insure All Children!” initiative toolkit for school-based child health outreach and enrollment. Engage with your local school district!
  • Demand Action: CDF works with the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and other education advocates and partners on federal reform efforts to ensure educational equity and justice for all students. Contact and meet with your policymakers in Congress and your state legislatures and urge that they take real action to support children and ensure safety, holistic well-being, and educational success for all students. Also consider attending local public meetings—such as city council, school board, PTA or town hall meetings—to call attention to challenges in your local school.
  • Focus on a Specific Concern: CDF is working to Protect Children Not Guns, which includes giving kids a “safe start” at school. Many children and parents of all races and income levels worry about a shooting at their local school. Help make schools safe in your own city and state. Learn more about our gun violence prevention efforts.
  • Serve: CDF Freedom Schools® programs served nearly 12,000 children at 183 sites across 27 states and D.C. in 2018. Work to bring CDF Freedom Schools to your neighborhood to generate positive attitudes toward learning. Learn more about CDF Freedom Schools.