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Stay updated on recent work to ensure all children high-quality early childhood opportunities.

A Recent Legislative Win

In February, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law a budget deal that included an additional $5.8 billion (an additional $2.9 billion for each of the next two years) for the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), the main federal child care program.  This funding increase will allow an additional 230,000 children to receive child care assistance and help states boost the quality of child care.

Recent Blogs

  • What a Continuing Resolution Means for America’s Children and Youth

    “It’s time for our leaders to put aside partisanship and work toward a full federal budget”

  • For Our Children: Back to School

    As we find inspiration in history, we are challenged to make progress for young people in the present.

  • House Passed Budget Cuts Would Harm Children & Youth

    On April 26, the House passed a bill that uses the ongoing debate around lifting the debt ceiling to force budget cuts to critical federal programs that support the health and wellbeing of children and youth. This bill would result in millions of Americans losing their access to quality and affordable healthcare, cash assistance and income support through TANF, rental assistance, and access to child care.

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