Let’s Talk about Child Poverty: Take the Survey2019-10-04T09:50:01-05:00
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Will You Raise Your Voice for Children?

Nearly 12 million children live in poverty in America. They cannot vote, which makes it far too easy for our elected officials to ignore their reality. But you can help change that.

We need champions like you to have real, difficult conversations about the millions of children struggling with poverty, hunger, and homelessness in America. Tell us about the conversations you’re having now and how we can help you do more to build the movement to end child poverty now.

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1. How often do you have conversations about the child poverty crisis?

2. When you think or talk about children living in poverty, what is it typically prompted by?

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3. If you talk to others about America's child poverty crisis, who do you talk to?

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4. How often do you talk with families affected by poverty in your own community?

5. What stops you from having more of these conversations?

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6. How can the Children's Defense Fund help you have more conversations about child poverty?

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