Demand a Debate Question on Child Poverty

Demand a Debate Question on Child Poverty2019-09-09T16:39:45-05:00

Today in America, nearly 1 in 5 children lives in poverty. That’s nearly 13 million children growing up poor—struggling with hunger, homelessness, and health crises—in our wealthy nation.

Child poverty is an urgent and preventable crisis that harms children and hurts our nation, costing us more than $700 billion each year.

And yet, it’s been 20 years since candidates for president were asked what they would do about child poverty on a debate stage. That’s an entire generation of children growing up in poverty while our nation failed to act.

Our children can’t wait another 20 years for a solution. We are calling for a question in the presidential debates about child poverty. Will you join us? Add your name to demand that we ask every candidate seeking the White House what they will do to end child poverty.

Thank you for speaking out for our nation’s children.

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