In Memoriam – Damian T. Mazzurco

>>In Memoriam – Damian T. Mazzurco
In Memoriam – Damian T. Mazzurco2018-08-07T16:50:36-05:00

Upon the passing of Damian T. Mazzurco, her family has asked that memorial gifts in her honor be made to the Children’s Defense Fund.

Damian Mazzurco was born in 1952, the last of nine children. Her formative years were spent in coastal New York State, struggling for recognition, validation and feeling bullied and ignored much of the time. Through determination and courage she became a strong person and wonderful mother of two successful children. She loved her four grandchildren and dedicated herself to them unconditionally, vowing to assure them the childhood she missed for herself. Damian died suddenly and unexpectedly in her sleep on May 2 at age 64.

Gifts are being collected and donated to the Children’s Defense Fund in her honor, because the mission of this legendary organization mirrors the child centered values Damian exhibited throughout her life.


In honor of Damian Mazzurco, help all children get the start they deserve.