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Support learning and empowerment.
Donate today to distribute books to children.

A cornerstone of our CDF Freedom Schools® program is the belief that reading is the key to unlocking a child’s unlimited potential. We center CDF Freedom Schools on compelling books that help children develop a lifelong love of reading—and we even send these books home to build libraries of empowerment for each scholar.

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We are on a mission to raise $100,000 to distribute 10,000 books to our incoming scholars. You can help!

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Over the past year, school closures have exposed and widened learning gaps. It is more important than ever that children find the spark that ignites their passion and empowers them to be learners and doers. That’s what CDF Freedom Schools books do.

The carefully chosen books we provide are the best of the best—and that’s what the children we serve deserve. The books demonstrate that our scholars can make a difference in themselves, their families, their community, their country, and the world with hope, education, and action. They feature heroes who look like our CDF Freedom Schools scholars, allowing them to connect in a way they might not have before. The characters’ experiences are familiar and resonate with the scholars’ lived experiences. Representation matters, and it works.

Funding books for CDF Freedom Schools scholars means funding “I can do it” moments, “I understand it” moments, and lots of “I love it” moments. It means showing our most marginalized and vulnerable children that their learning and empowerment matter.

Become the hero of this story: fund a library of empowerment today.

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