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Trump Administration Admits Additional Family Separations

Our national and moral disgrace continues. The government told a federal court last month that an additional 1,556 immigrant children and parents were separated at the border under the Trump administration’s evil family separation policy. The American Civil Liberties Union, which is litigating a national class-action lawsuit on behalf of separated families, is concerned the parents have already been deported without their children.

Most of the children ripped from their parents were under 12 years old. More than 200 were under age 5—including infants and toddlers. The updated accounting by the government is separate from and in addition to the more than 2,700 children already known to have been separated last year.

What is wrong with us? Families belong together—not torn apart at our border, nor separated within our interior communities. Together.

The ACLU is doing the heavy lift reuniting families despite the fact that it is the government who unconstitutionally separated these families. You can track their efforts here.

For more information about the administration’s latest disclosure, read the story.

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