Open Letter to America’s children, families, and educators

Open Letter to America’s children, families, and educators2021-08-17T19:39:00-05:00

To America’s children, families, and educators, the last two school years have not gone the way you planned. You’ve missed chances to connect, share, and help each other. Outside of the classroom, you’ve struggled with loneliness, fear, anxiety, and maybe much more. You’ve lost chances to learn new skills, and you may even have worried about having enough to eat or having a safe place to live. You’ve made the very best of a difficult situation, but I’m fighting to make sure that this year, you get the safe and fulfilling school year you deserve.

America’s children, families, teachers, and school staff: I’ve got your back. I’ll be advocating for healthy classrooms for all teachers and students. I’ll support you as you finish important learning that was cut short by the pandemic. I’ll work to ensure you have access to the healthy food, stable homes, and safe communities you need to thrive. I’ll cheer you on and put your social and emotional well-being first.

The challenges of the last two years remind us of the power of sticking together. I hope you know that I’m standing with you and fighting for you, America’s children, families, and educators. Because our future depends on you, you can depend on me.

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