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A Mother’s Day Like No Other

by Crystal Rucker, Regional Development Director at the Children’s Defense Fund


My six-year-old son Ronald and I share a special bond. I am an only child, and he’s an only child, so the two of us are inseparable best friends. As he’s gotten older, Mother’s Day has meant more to both of us, and this year, it feels especially important.

Over the past couple of months, so many of us have taken on new roles. For me, that means balancing being Ronald’s teacher, motivator, and playmate, while still managing my motherly responsibilities and working for the Children’s Defense Fund. It’s an adjustment, and it can be exhausting, but it’s also rewarding.

I know there are millions of moms just like me–facing the challenge of trying to do it all, but also cherishing this time with our children and feeling thankful to be able to hold them close when the world around us is so chaotic and frightening.

More than anything, this crisis has reminded me of the power of a mother’s love. My grandmother and my mother both made an impact on my life, and now I’m passing on that immense love to Ronald. And my love for my own son informs my work with the Children’s Defense Fund, because I understand how important it is for all children to be loved. 

This is a Mother’s Day like no other. To all the mothers, grandmothers, and guardians out there taking care of our nation’s children and holding them close in these difficult times: thank you.  Your love and support of the children in your life has never been more important. Together, we will see our children through this crisis.

Make a gift in honor or memory of someone this Mother's Day.